China GM Recruitment – 10 Ideas To Do Better

China GM Recruitment

Are you Rolling the Dice on your China GM?

China GM Recruitment is a shot in the dark that often makes or breaks Western companies.  I know many cases where the top Chinese leader in China for a Western company is presently deceiving the owners and being the tail that wags the dog. It does not have to be this way. Chinese people put tremendous effort into making good impressions. China GM Recruitment puts you against candidates who have deep experience in manipulation. So, I give the following 10 ways to be more effective in getting good China GM recruitment. Hiring from the inside is just as perilous as the manipulators already know you enough to manipulate. This is the most common messy way.

China GM Recruitment Can Be Done Well

1. Be clear that the character of the hire is a top requirement along with his or her talent and experience.

2. Note that getting resumes and interviewing cannot do more than a roll of the dice for getting the right person.

3. GM candidates are usually not able to be open about their mistakes.

4. China Expat’s have some real ability and often character as well. However, they often develop bad habits in China that damage your work or their success.

5. 80% of Chinese GM candidates lie to get their appointment. They then lie all around and hire weak people all in an effort to make themselves irreplaceable.

6. The qualities that makes a Westerner successful working in China are different than in the West.

7. Companies that indigenized the China GM back in the Great Recession are now bringing Western management back to their China operations. Those who indigenized during Covid are also seeing the fuzzy problems grow. They need better cross ocean understanding to make best use of their China operations.

8. Some Chinese GM’s are excellent. They are less than 20% of the people with the right experience. We are very hard pressed to sort them out. They can however be found.

9. Be very careful and get excellent background checks that can kick out 80% of candidates. Otherwise you are playing with your success in a big way. Everyone says they do background checks. Beware. Also read Why We Background Check at SHI Group.

10. Find Recruiters who have leaders who do recruiting. Leadership is a special ability and not a skill you check off.

Great Factory leaders do exist in China and they can be teachable and transparent as well. You need all of this. SHI Group gets you all of this.

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