China Gut Feeling Hiring II

China Gut Feeling Hiring : Maybe it is my six sigma background. Maybe it is a belief that facts do better than feelings. Maybe it is that gut feelings are costing Western companies billions of RMB each year in the hiring space. I see it is time to do something about it. Good news is your China gut feelings are not in the trash can.

China gut feeling illustration

hired the guy in green AND the guy in red?

China Gut Feeling Hiring Has a Place

My advice to you is to hear that gut feeling and then have us find the real data to prove it. That could be that you smelled a rat. Or it could be that you sensed a gem. We can find out if it is true.  We should never go into our gut feeling hiring mode like it was the last word.

Of course a check will not help you find the right resume or know the right person.  It will not help you find the guy who did not bother to post a resume. Finally, it will not help you find the guy whose resume is ugly, but the guy is gold.

Then it is true that you need to find us.

We like to ask why companies hired a certain person. We like to think why it really happened. The answers they give seem good, but the results are ugly.

Companies often figuratively hire the guy in green above. He can carry you far. At the same time, they unknowingly hire the guy in red who holds the other guy down, More than that, the guy in red knows how to self protect and self promote, so you do not even understand what is happening. They are like Mikey in Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  Once she is inside, she knows how to work the gaps in your system to promote herself. You need a gate guard to keep these guys out, and then you can really fly.

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