China Head Hunters are Getting Worse and Worse – Oh My

China head hunters are getting worse

Lets not follow

Our candidates are saying China head hunters are getting worse be they Western or Domestic. They do not get to know you any more. They do not help you understand the company anymore. They just spend a few minutes and pitch you. You feel like a piece of meat. You are just a dot in the big data. We do small data.

It seems 2 years ago they would connect better with valuable candidates, but now the trend is very bad. Perhaps we are old school as against this trend.

China Head Hunters are Getting Worse, and We Will not Follow

We care about people even if they are not valued candidates. We see each person be they customer or candidate as a human being with dignity and value.  We defy the trend to treat people like meat. We are saddened to hear that is what is happening.

It is also good for business. Many candidates will not talk openly unless they are cared for. Many will not apply unless they are really cared for.

We wish our clients would also understand that even people you probably will not hire will talk about their experience with you with their friends. They will talk about you badly because the recruiter you sent treated them bad and they will talk about you badly because of how your staff or you treated them. We hear it all the time.

We make appointments to talk at 9:30 with candidates and call at 9:30 sharp. We seek and give feedback to all candidates we put forward.  They deserve that and get it less and less. We take time to really know them and hear all they have. We understand the people who are good and bad at interviewing may all have something your company may need.  We know that some people have ugly resumes but have beautiful talent and character. We do not think the best interviewees should get all the jobs. We think the best people should get the job even if they have ugly resumes and are not good at interviews.

We hope for a world like that and always work that way.

How about you?

For more on this see my previous blog on China recruiters.

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