China Healthcare Recruiting: 892 Reasons to Improve

China healthcare recruiting

Nothing but growth

China Healthcare Recruiting needs help. China Healthcare was a US$892 Billion dollar market in 2018 and still growing at 11% a year according to Deloitte. See the article I got info from here.

America is aging and so is Europe, but China is growing 400 Million people into senior citizens over the next 20 years and many more to follow.  That is a lot of Healthcare needs.

Chinese people get richer every year and pay a lot for healthcare for their young children and their aging parents. Further, the insurance system gets stronger and stronger.

Print advertising in my neighborhood is all about beauty treatments or aesthetic beauty enhancements for women.

Everywhere the healthcare market is exploding.

China Healthcare Recruiting as If There Were Not 892 Reasons

In the meantime, Western Healthcare companies in China continue to hire people with good resumes and polished interview skills. They then often sit in an office rather then sell. Then,  finally they drive out the hard working people who do sell as feel threatened by them. See also Healthcare Boom in China.

Sherry is a fabulous sales person for a well known US Healthcare company in China. She is out looking for work despite getting a 7 figure RMB income. Her boss is driving her out as she is too good. The company has hired a leader who is smart enough to drive out people who make him look bad. Sherry will leave.

How much will they lose when we place Sherry at a place that will respect her? Others will certainly follow until the company realizes they hired the wrong China leader. Then again, they are likely to use the same failed hiring method to get the next person which means they are likely to have the same result. They will probably do the same thing and hope to get a different result.

This does not have to be the case. Good leaders who also can sell exist. Top leaders who can be transparent are available and are often sitting at home! They got pushed out for bad reasons and are watching the cat!

I have 892 Billion very good reasons why Western Healthcare companies need to get a new way to hire here in China.

We developed our Accuhire® process to make sure these tragedies do not happen to Western Healthcare companies in China.We took on the 892 reasons and are looking deeper and making sure.  Take a look.

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