Why China Hiring Background Checks?

China hiring background checksA China hiring background check, also known as pre-employment background screen, is not emphasized in most companies here in China.  To see the legal issues in China background checking, check here.  It is a lot more trouble than a cursory background check, but our business knows it is important because of what we find out. I guess you want us to find out too. 

We Now Have 15 Reasons for China Hiring Background Checks

Our company regularly kicks out half of our excellently qualified candidates once we do the background check. Can you imagine that half of the people with great resumes and interviewing are just pretending and unwilling to be honest? So to save our customers time, we do the background check as soon as practical.  At SHI Group, we know that no one can find these fakes by interview skills alone.

SHI Group set a record recently. We were placing a GM for a Western family owned factory.  It is small and troubled. Our recruiters found 15 thoroughly qualified candidates for the position. They had a candidate tell them he worked at a company 5 years when he only worked 1.  We had a candidate tell us they were super valuable,  and the company does not want to let him go. SHI Group was able to find out that this company fired him a year before while still in probation. The stories go on and on. See also 8 Signs We Have Bad China Hiring.

We Hope They Will Tell the Truth

As we unhappily proved the last of the group of 15 to be untrustworthy, we shook our heads in dismay. We are excellent at interviews and interview 90 minutes or more as our goal is to know. Despite that, we were unable to uncover these issues before the background check. That is why we background check everyone especially if they seem to be very trustworthy. Despite our vast experience, candidates often surprise us once we background check.

We had one guy tell us he was the overall manager for a big project, and he could describe in great detail all he had done. Our China hiring background check uncovered that he was a common worker under a manager who led that project.

So we could get a lot more people slipped into customer businesses with their great interview skills. We have 15 for you now that we guess other companies will sell you.  You will have a hard time knowing them that well. SHI Group will mark internally and not send these to you ever. See China Hiring Background Checks Part II.



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