China Market Entry Needs New Tools

china-market-entry-needs-new-toolsAn excellent family owned U.S. manufacturing service company who takes orders and gives good service in the States is doing poorly here. The Chinese salesman they have here follows the home office well. However, the home office does not remember how hard it was 70 years ago to build the reputation they now have in the U.S. They can wait for the phone to ring in the U.S., so they do not know how to coach the salesman in China market entry.

In China they will need sales and marketing skills that they do not have in the home office now.  They can overcome. They can get him tools to sell within China. They can understand this market deeply and find a successful path forward. Further, they need to give fire to this salesman to sell. They can make more money here, but it will take new tools and methods. Their present salesman is not selling, but he is still valuable to them for all the market information he can feed them. That is great, but more can and should be done. The U.S. office can more deeply understand how the China market is the same as they were in the U.S. 70 years ago.

What do you think about what it takes to get into the China market?

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