China Recruiting Transparency and the Cost to You

China recruiting transparency

How much do you know about the people you want and the people you hire?

China recruiting transparency relates to the Chinese cultural situation, recruiters, and also your own ability to be clear.  China Transparency in the government sector according to Transparency International rates a 41.  100 is ideal and anything below 50 represents a serious corruption problem.  China ranks slightly worse than Tunisia, Lesotho, and Burkino Faso.  China ranks 77 out of 180 countries in transparency. Find all the results here.

China was worse when I first got here in the early 90’s, but has stalled for a long time now. Surely, that is an issue for those of us who must deal directly with government owned institutions. The Index does not measure the culture at large, but generally the government is about as corrupt as the people. (Changing governments would likely not help, and would probably hurt in most countries)

However, I think we should also think about how our companies are losing money in recruiting in the area of transparency in this country that struggles with transparency.

China Recruiting Transparency Gaps

1. What % of resumes you see are telling the objective truth?  Not high actually. so hiring by good looking resumes and smooth interviews is actually hurting many.

2.  What % of recruiters or head hunters workers are being transparent with you on pertinent facts?

3.  What % of recruiters and HR even try or know how to dig for pertinent facts beyond good looking resume?

4. What % of recruiters and HR’s doctor resumes to further hide the facts?

5. How effective are your interviews in getting transparency from candidates?

6.  What % of pertinent information do you and your people actively provide to recruiters to get them to the right people?

In point 5, you are not even getting what you think in the interview. Outsource or solve this. However, Companies completely overlook the next piece.

Point 6. How transparent or successfully open are Western Companies with their recruiters is a big overlooked question.  SHI Group focuses on transparency of resumes and of pertinent facts beyond the resume.

Number 1 indicates failure of the candidates. We find they fail to be transparent 72% of the time.  So recruiters must be good at 2-4.  2-4 identify how recruiters are failing companies. 5 and 6 identify places where companies are failing. Both needed to get better. We are totally committed to keeping 1-3 100% and 4  0% in our group.

However, companies have trouble getting the right people and quickly because they have not thought through their own facts or how to work with the recruiter.  Therefore,  many companies are not transparent to the recruiter, and the recruiter is left merely guessing what you want in some too wide range.

Transparency Both Ways Is Not Easy But Valuable

Good initial thinking and openness get a process started, but too many companies feel they have already been clear enough. Timely back and forth feedback must occur to get spot on work and get excellent people as fast as possible.

Further, only by giving transparency and getting transparency can companies make consistent good fit hires.

Without that, HR people and hiring managers must wade through too many worthless resumes. Companies must wait unnecessarily long for good placements, Even conscientious recruiters who are faultless on solving 1-4 above will fail you if you have not partnered well to achieve transparency beyond giving a JD. Actually, I started recruiting as saw a deep gap in 1-4 and especially with the Internationally famous recruiting companies, but even companies who work with us to avoid those problems in transparency can fail if they cannot be timely and working on their own transparency. For more, see another piece on this topic:

How to Get the Right Headhunter for Your Business and Use Them Well (finding and using Good Recruiters)

Chinese Recruiting Transparency resolution could help a lot of Western Companies in China.

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