China Talent War is On and Growing – SME’s Can Still Win

China Talent War - always hard

From Ancient times, finding a good leader in China has been hard.

The China Talent War can be won with the right focus.  I just fell upon a slightly dated article from HRM Asia that is of enduring value.

Here is a quote from that article.

With an abundance of university graduates available, the issue is not talent but suitability, says Elizabeth Martin-Chua who was formerly Senior Vice-President, HR, Greater China and Co-ordinator, Asia at Philips Electronics. Many of the talented individuals may not fit the kind of jobs that are available as they lack the relevant experience and skills, putting a great deal of pressure on training, coaching and mentoring. “In China, HR has to possess the mindset that you hire for values and train for competence. Trying to get a good fit in all aspects is unrealistic,” she says.

“…Trying to get a good fit in all aspects is unrealistic. ”  That is where SME’s are getting beat especially.  SME’s need talent and cannot always give time to develop local talent. I counsel my customers for free beyond our work or making good to great placements. They need to hire for values foremost and get as much talent as they can under that base line of character. Then they sometimes lean on our experience to fill the gaps and get better. Hires with the right values develop quickly and stay longer. With the right support, often from us, they do game changing work even though their resume may not always be beautiful.

China Talent War is Not a Lost Cause

With values focused placements, and sometimes limited outside support, SME’s can get on top of the China Talent War without destroying their budget or using up too much of home office resources.

We find trustworthy talent with values you need.  15 years ago, I counseled companies to hire 20 somethings as they were more idealistic, but China has matured and more Chinese people with matching values can be found. We consistently find them  It is not simple, but we can say with confidence that the talent war can be won.

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