Chinese People and the Word -Struggle – How Do We Understand This?

To use any word or description and stereotype all people in some culture as being one way has its weakness. I can find Chinese people who are not this at all, but the average leads here.  So let’s talk more about Struggle.(争)

Struggle is related to survival. Chinese people are wired to live in the survival mode like your computer can start in the safe mode.

This is very conservative. They save a lot and rarely raise their hand.  Poor people in China are too conservative and not too wild.  china and struggle

Chinese people have a kind of paranoia that things are not as good as they seem.

They work hard if motivated as they feel life and death in the balance even in day to day work. The extreme Chinese diligence that makes factories go here comes from this.

Some Examples That Remind Us of Struggle

Have you noticed that the birds are much more shy in China then in the US?  In America I often saw birds and sometimes heard them. In China I hear them but see only glimpses of them. Chinese people look at wild animals and immediately think how to kill and eat them. The birds know and are more careful.

The Chinese sense of struggle is so much higher than ours that they work very hard and also will do anything to get ahead.

However, in life and death, you can break the rules to save a life and Chinese people will break the rules in places that surprise us as they feel deep need in their struggle.  Life is like war. Entrepreneurs put melamine in milk in China so they could water it down and not get caught. It damaged kidneys of small children and many died before it was uncovered. How much struggle would you have before you thought it OK to put plastic in the milk given to children?

Struggle can also lead to a narrowness that does not accept new things easily as no confidence in the new being any good. Experimenting goes down as only the tried and true are used in crisis/struggle. However, the opposite can happen and try everything whether legal or not can occur  This can bend many ways. What does life and death do to change your decision making?

This does not make China better or worse, but can help us understand what they tend to bring to the table,  so we can work better with them.

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