Chinese Usually Do Not Think Their Job is Ideal

Gallup has poll results from Asia up. They list Chinese people in the basement on having an ideal job. Catch it here. only 49% say they have an ideal job compared to 90% at the top in Asia.

This represents two things in China.

1. People are getting more mature and more picky. Laos rated highest where people likely have no choice at all.  So they never realized any other option.

2. I often see people in positions in China that are wholly unsuited to them.  By diligence and raw effort they have gotten into positions where you would not usually see a Westerner.  Westerners still  change their major in college several times. This is still almost unheard of in China.

I think we need to look a little more closer at what abilities people bring to the table. I like to use Meyers Briggs type testing as one piece of that.   It and coaching often reveal other opportunities in our work force.  Even changing career track can be useful.

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