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China ranks 66 out of 180 on transparency though allows no transparency office in country

Last week was the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

It started a process that led to rule of law in the West.

China has never had a Magna Carta moment. They might need less than 800 years once that moment is crossed, but it has not come at all yet. I can say that rule of law has made progress since I arrived. People stop at stop lights now.

At a deeper level, Jesus spread a powerful message of love for all around 30AD and by 1000 AD all of Europe accepted the good news which caused a lot of positive culture and a sense of common consciousness to spring forth.  The transparency index still lists Western European countries and the US very high.

Chinese Values Hiring in the Vacuum

None of these cataclysmic events happened in China. Quite the opposite happened.

China was built on Confucian values, but the disastrous 19th century, the May 4 Movement, and the Communist revolution thoroughly discredited and dismantled that system.

China was left awash without any guiding value that could stick. Buddhism, Christianity, and Confucianism have made gains in this vacuum, but their deep cultural impact is still at least 100 years away. Buddhist background countries do not rank high, however.

China is generally about money, getting lucky and diligence in the present time. America and Europe are actually moving in the direction of money and getting lucky unfortunately, but the base culture still has some strength in the West.

Think of the Golden Rule which all children growing up in the US learned. No such emphasis had traction in the East.

So Western Companies amidst this vacuum have often been disastrously hurt or clearly held back.

Humanists defy the Golden Rule as limiting self expression. However, businesses working in China need a point of trust, or manipulation on Chinese terms results.

What Can be Done?

The good news is China has some people who have given themselves to positive thoughts like the Golden Rule whether as found in the Bible or other ancient texts. (I am not saying you need or should hire religious people.)

We find that nearly 30% of Chinese applications for work with Western companies are true. These people can be found and hired to the benefit of Western Companies active in China. Companies that think about what values they want to aspire to in China do better when they seek us.

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