Chinese Wisdom for Recruitment

Chinese wisdom for recruitment

Sima Guang

Chinese wisdom for recruitment from Sima Guang shows a lot about our recruiting philosophy.

Chinese Wisdom for Recruitment From 1000 Years Ago


His priority and thought on who to hire is:

1. Holy: Talent+Character

2. Gentleman: More Character than Talent

3. Fool: No talent No Character

4. Vile Man: More Talent than Character

Surely you need talent, but I cannot advise strongly enough that character must cone before talent as Sima Guang noted .

Note how he says that it is better to hire a fool than a vile man. Why would he say this?

The fool cannot pull the wool over your eyes. The fool has no ablity to overcome your system and cheat you. The vile man is talented and uses it for his own purposes and never for his company foremost I think we could all agree witth this idea. However, few companies apply it in hiring. We say we want character, but we do nothing solid to ensure it past a possible gut feeling to protect us. The most vile men can easily cheat your gut feeling and gain your confidence.

Why do we trust our gut feeling? My gut feeling on people is great and got me into the recruiting business, but I am experienced enough to know I should not make my excellent gut feeling the final measure.  How much money do you want to lose on this gut feeling that I have found does not work for me who was top level on getting the right person. My recent LinkedIn post shows this as well.

You need small data that can confirm or refute your gut feel and that must be the last word.  Gut feeling can give you guidance, but again I say it must not be the final word or the vile man will be your common hire when you cannot afford even one. Your company will be better when you apply this thought I have used successfully over nearly 20 years.

Anything to add?

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