Chinese Work Satisfaction is Pathetic.

Chinese satisfaction with their work is up ….. from 2% to 6%.  Oh My.

Gallup is great.  See them here.  Their chart shows what I see in most Western invested companies in China with a twist.

Chinese workers more engaged in 2012.gif

First, this is pathetic and Leaders in China both Chinese and Western think they are doing good.  The situation is terrible, and we are leaving a lot of money on the table by not doing better.

One problem we have is that we have not noticed that 26% of the people are actively disengaged. 26% of workers in China are working against the boss they work for. Their pull on the people who are not engaged is the key point, and they make the whole environment toxic.

If you are not giving it your best shot to connect with Chinese workers to get past their prejudices, then start.

If you are doing the right thing and do not know who those actively disengaged people are, get help to find them. You must move them or fire them, and in most cases you cannot make a committed leopard change his spots.

Contact us at info@shigroupchina,com if you are concerned about this, and we will send you a case study on resolving the non engaged to bring them in and getting the actively disengaged off the team.

Additional thoughts?

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