Consumer Goods in China – America is Winning!

The Americans are winning. China is losing on its home court in consumer goods as reported here and recently at China Law Blog which you can see here.

Nationalism is a problem in China, but pragmatism is stronger by far.

Chinese want the best value for the money, and they also want to be a part of the world community, especially young people.

So they are not only open to buying Western products and services but are often paying a premium for them. Trust in Chinese production is in the pit. I guess it will take them a generation to dig their way out. The West, comparatively, has high quality, safe products, and excellent service.  China wants it, and we should not disappoint them.

225 Million Chinese are middle class, and the number continues to grow. It is fabulous, but takes right thinking and effort to grasp. We should not think it is easy.

Industrial products also have a market. Remember Intel Inside?  Do you think Chinese companies are interested in Western components?


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  1. Dubai Debt January 2, 2013

    happy holidays and yes they somewhat prefer the american products.. 🙂

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