Decision Making for the Common Person and Great Leader

Leadership is not about being an expert accountant, purchaser, salesman, engineer or shoe shiner.
It is a separate skill entirely from these and it takes time and effort to learn and do well.

Leadership requires the ability to choose and build up great teams. Leadership requires helping each person on the team reach their potential and combining them in teamwork to gain results beyond what any could imagine.

The team must have accounting, purchasing, sales, and engineering, and the leader helps to make them great. Part of how he does that is by establishing and continually pumping the Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals (MVVG) of the Organization.   This cannot be forgotten and reminds me that I am letting that slip in my own organization.

However, you need one other ability.   Good Decision Making that helps workers to bring the MVVG to life.

You cannot lead by popular vote. The good news is you do not need to be a genius to do it well. Great leaders do not do decision making in a room all alone. Great leaders have opened the doors and are getting data from all corners of the organization and outside the organization. With good and more complete data, you will make better decisions than the competition. Being smarter has value, but putting the smarts of a whole organization together can blow the doors off. Invite criticism, make it safe and welcome for all to make their voices heard.   Then, when you understand enough, considering the resources and time you have, make the decision.  Then ask everyone, make everyone join in implementing with all needed passion.


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