Develop or Fire to Increase Your Success

develop-or-fire-to-increase-your-successIn a previous post, I said good leaders develop or fire. I emphasized that they do not use workers.

I want to add to that to make your success bigger.

I often see Western Leaders afraid to handle a Chinese leader problem or shortcoming as they are afraid of what will happen. One bad fit GM handled over half their sales. The guy was unteachable and kept them in fear. I helped them let him go and place a guy that they never want to let go. Their only regret is that they did not develop or fire earlier. Continuously employ internal and/or external coaching formally and informally. It is worth it. I have only seen people turn the corner when not a question of their character. Time is not your friend. Any issue let sit over a month will not get better naturally in my experience. Change and moving up the ladder take work. If you find a lack of teachability, then get rid of this person. We can have a day without fear.

Let’s Develop or Fire.

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