Disney Shanghai As a Model for Leadership

My family loves Disney Hong Kong and is waiting expectantly on Disney Shanghai which is not due to open until the end of 2015.  I attach a good story about the process of developing it here

They mention in the article something that helps make Disney great.

Every design in the Shanghai Disney Resort is subject to critical review and debate. “We encourage the exchange of ideas so we can select the best concepts while recognizing there are no stupid ideas,” he said.

Critical review, debate, exchange of ideas, no ideas are stupid ideas… Just applying those words would make most of us better leaders.  I have mentioned that criticism in the Chinese culture and the accompanying fear of failure is still a big issue.  To get a strong collaborating team is not easy.  To get them to capture the positive sense of how to be a team is yet harder unless you outlaw all conflict. This will not work, so deeper work should be done but the results in China are great.

Disney also has done deep market research before and while making Shanghai a great new Disney attraction.

We should at least do some before entering China or going into a new area or market group here. More due diligence is good for us all to get things right and avoid costly mistakes.

Hope we can all get more healthy debate going on our teams.

What do you think?

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