Do You Feel Confident You Are Getting The Right Information From Your China Enterprise?

Getting the right data is critical in any good decision as Six Sigma advocates like me will often point out.

Sitting in the home office, how comfortable do you feel about the information you are getting? Do you feel comfortable as a leader in a China factory that you are getting the true and complete story? Sometimes, you just need new glasses to understand it. In other cases, subordinate leaders in China are muddling the information you get for their own purposes.

In Six Sigma, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control is the process to effect anything.  Each stage is important, but the hardest to get right often is Measure. When you measure well, the analysis is often simple.

Your China organization information comes by people. Make sure they are the right people.  Then make sure they are on track to get you what you need. China is hard to understand, but do not let players cloud your vision for their purposes.


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