Dragon Boat Festval

Holiday this weekend all over Greater China.

Qu Yuan was a high official who was exiled for opposing an alliance with Qin that the Emperor wanted. The alliance led to Qin conquering his country.  He committed suicide over the corruption that led to this alliance and disaster.  People raced out on boats to try to save him.  They then wrapped up rice balls in banana leaves, so he would have food in the afterlife. He was famous among the people for the poetry he wrote while in exile. This happened about 2400 years ago.

Get the whole scoop here What dishonored official who committed suicide after his country was conquered because he was ignored do we honor in the West?   What poet do we deeply honor with a holiday? Why do you think China so deeply honors this man who lost? China has a deep feeling melancholy national culture.

So hope you have a nice Dragon Boat Festival this weekend.

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