Due Diligence for Right Reasons

Due diligence is done in big and little events to overcome our natural assumptions.

My father often said, “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.” That has served me well here.

To save time, we all carry certain assumptions in what any one thing means. 

A person who asks me questions and takes an interest in me has good communication skills would be an assumption in our home town. In China it is a huge assumption that should not be made. 

China has a strong culture of face which means people are highly polished in making appearances. They are on their home turf and have their own legal understanding.  You are not going to casually or consistently see them clearly. You will easily mistrust the right guy and trust the wrong guy. This is especially true once you feel familiar here. 

My business focuses on finding and knowing trustworthy people and businesses and promoting them.  We think it is wrong that the right people and businesses are overlooked, and the wrong ones are brought in. Some cause fast bleeding and others cause slow bleeding while others cause delayed bleeding. 

Only due diligence can get you out of making ingrained assumptions about people and companies cross culturally. I have been in China 20 years focusing on people issues and still have to guard against trusting assumptions in my context

Hope we all learn that China has good businessman and workers and that they should be rewarded with our close attention.

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