Energizing Workers


energizing-workersEnergizing workers is a force multiplier. Using workers demeans them, and in a culture like China with too much criticism, it is a bad plan.

Workers need to know how they are doing and they need to have a way to measure it. They need us leaders to recognize them for their real achievements.

It is worth it to go there. Also, demand it of your junior leaders. Too many companies have high turnover largely because they do not reward good leadership and hire on technology and overlook leadership.

Let’s not fear technology gaps as much as character and leadership gaps. We need retention and we need the force multiplier of energizing them or all our technology will keep leaving in high turnover.

So, first lower turnover, and then attack the motivation gap. Energized workers are worth the extra energy. Get there by helping workers gain high achievement and recognizing it when they get there. Specify what winning looks like for their position and then get them there.

It’s worth it.

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