Ethical China Supply Chain Management Recruitment

China Supply Chain Management Recruitment

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Hi, Today I want to talk ethics focus in recruiting which is needed for ethics in your operation. Let us think about two sites that are talking about Ethical China Supply Chain Management which is tightly related to China Supply Chain Manager Recruitment

In the first article China Business Review talks about the Milk Scandal in China in 2008 and lessons learned. They go through many useful thoughts and then have the following quote on recruiting to ensure ethics.

For example, companies can ask questions about moral and business dilemmas related to the candidates’ target responsibilities to better understand the candidates’ thinking. In addition to investigating a candidate’s technical skills and achievements, human resources personnel should ask the candidate deeper questions about his or her character, including about his or her ethical acumen and professional and personal integrity.

China Supply Chain Management Recruitment

I think this is good advice. Our experience is that you have to go much farther. Most companies would do well to outsource and certainly if they are not in China.

We never ask what if questions. They are unprofessional in our viewpoint. Past behaviour is a much better measure of future performance. (In some cases we would ask CEO level candidates the candidates strategy for their business. That should not be confused with What If.) We then know how to draw out the truth from candidates as well as seemingly infinite detail.

We then we deeply background check to see if their words match against the truth about them. 70% have falsehoods that you will be glad we found. We recruit and recommend the other 30% and find people who have the  ability, loyalty, and passion for your work that will make them a long term success for you.

If your background check is not kicking out 70 plus percent of the candidates who passed the interview, then you are hiring a lot of people who are good at lying to you. In China procurement recruiting that is bad news indeed.

I could not emphasize more that ethics in recruiting is important and needs expert help to get right. You would not just do your own surgery, and you surely should not just pick your own people by gut feel for your China supply chain management recruitment or any position for that matter. Data should rule in recruiting especially.


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