Exporting to China is Becoming a Good Plan For Many

Greater China has great opportunities, and China is at the heart of that.  Companies that get smart here in China will prosper, and as I have said before here, companies that wait for Chinese companies to invade the West will be hurt.

First let me paste a few points from All Roads Lead to China. He is writing on how some products Made in America have a future in China.

“Why would “Made in America” attract customers, particularly if they are going to make the purchase at a premium. Three reasons:

1) Quality -This is core of this article. Good old American made products that will last (value for money), and in my experience the drivers for this market are largely going to be the Chinese who have spent some time abroad and are willing to spend the premium.

2) Safety – This is the core of my experience, and anyone who follows food scandals will understand the drivers. It is a market dominated by new families as baby food and products lead the charge, and the volumes are huge.

3) Prestige – This market is perhaps best defined by the luxury market, but at a time was also a driver of the middle market, as firms like BMW and Volkswagen can attest to. It is not just about having a luxury price tag, but at times can also just be about being able to show that the product was one of the few items not made in China.

I want to note that you should get active in China even as a precautionary move as they will come to you and you should be ready.”

A first practical step in the water is having your own guy in China and doing it without too much risk, expense, or trouble. That one person working full time can open up vista’s for you in many directions some of which you will not have thought of before.  From there you will be safe from surprises and able to find benefits in unthought of ways in China. Naturally, there are other ways like traveling back and forth yourself to line up distributors. I suggest your own guy in China will do that much better and usually cheaper than you would yourself, but it is an option


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