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Face in China

This Gate & Face in China

Face in China means that people tell you what they think you want to hear. Is that best for you? Have a look at Recruitment Agency China Needs Great Thinking.

Face in China Illustrated Through Gates in China

A generation ago when I was studying Chinese at a Chinese college I learned about gates.

The school in Chengdu I studied at had horrible quality in their Chinese language department and no oversight.  I left after one semester.

What the school did have was a fabulous gate. All over town I started to notice how much work and effort went into the gates. I  gradually learned that everyone had a good gate and do not be deceived to think that means good quality work is going on inside.

So this week, the very good gate in this yard got torn down. The  dirt in the elevators and the trash in the yard is not getting any attention. The loud noises and low cultural standards they do not care about at all. All these issues are a crying need. The gate was serviceable, convenient, and in no need of change. That is getting attention.

Face in China at the Interview

So, in a country where the content of what they are doing is low, and the gate always is updated in the best way, what do you think is happening at interviews?

In the West, candidates game interviews and put on their best face. How far do you think that goes in the land of top notch gates? Can you imagine how much trouble you are inviting onto your China team because they hoodwinked you with their window dressing?

I have people say to me that they do experiential interviewing and team interviewing, and they can get the truth from candidates. I have even seen companies say they use surprise questions to get candidates off their script.

It is a pipe dream. Myself and my team dating back to 1997 have dug deep on interviewing and know tricky Chinese people can ace any interview strategy. It is remarkable. Don’t you wish applicants would work that hard to simply be good candidates?

Good news is we can find out how they did over years in their past work from objective records and past bosses we track down. See also Why We Background Check at SHI Group. Their proven achievements are indicative of a good hire rather than extraordinary interviewing skills.


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