Factory Due Diligence II – Choosing More Than Ability

There are two types of Due Diligence.  One is where you are choosing from 4 or more possible companies and have some sense of choice.

Another would be where you have little choice and that takes another tack, but today lets talk about when you can choose.

You need quality, talent, reliability, teachability, transparency, and openness.

Can you tell if someone has that dealing with People from Bloomington?

Cross culturally it is clearly harder and China has no Judeo-Christian underpinning to its culture.  Most of our natural assumptions will not work.  The way they think is quite different.

You need to focus on finding a partner who shares important values that you also have.   You likely need help to find a group to help you navigate.You do not have to roll the dice in China.  Consider what you need.  Be sure that you need more than blind trust in character and understanding

China can be solved but it takes some investment to avoid rolling the dice. Do not forget that talented companies are the most able to cheat you. Find the ones that can be trusted.


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