Go Ahead – Hire the Smart Guy

Hire the smart guy. Otherwise it will be hard for him to steal all your money and not get arrested. See the Forbes article here

Chinese Company’s CEO Allegedly Makes Off With Millions is the name of the article.  USD 100 Million is what is missing and the former CEO is still a free man though it seems he personally has 77 Million out of that total. The CEO is from Hong Kong and the Nasdaq listed company has lost 87% of its stock value. Whoever has stolen the money in their Shanghai holding has done a mighty fine job.  The money is unaccounted for under the recent CEO’s watch.  When they let him go, they found that all the legal chops were missing, so they could not quickly go investigate.

Looks to me like the classic case of a smart guy getting the job in China and hiring people who will be loyal to him.  He then does whatever he wants as he will protect them and they him.  Everyone can get a piece of the action. Usually the bleeding does not get this bad as they usually want to bleed the company secretly and keep their jobs. Often they steal time or relationships and not cash, but they are bleeding you either way. Let me just say that if you want to hire a smart guy, the least you can do is make doubly certain his character is like gold.  If you hire a simple guy, then at least he cannot find ways to bleed you very bad if he tries.

The smart guys can win in this game though.  Go ahead and hire them – Feel lucky?

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