Good Advice For Starting To Sell To China

Fell upon this yesterday and it is good advice, so wanted to pass it on.  Check the quote below and see the whole article here.

One of the most important things to consider about exporting, says Tom Moore, deputy assistant secretary for international operations at the Commercial Service, is making sure you have a robust market for your goods in another country; that requires research and knowledge of competitors. It’s also critical to find an overseas partner you can depend on and trust. Working with someone you haven’t vetted properly can cost time and money.

Other best practices: research the rules and regulations of the market you’ll be selling into. That includes national product standards, certification requirements, electricity regulations, and packaging and recycling laws, as well as quality standards.

Knowledge of tariffs and other overseas taxes, as well as tariff codes is also essential, as entering the wrong tariff code can be a costly mistake, says Moore. For example, Moore says the Commercial Service worked with a globe manufacturer recently that had been entering a toy code instead of an educational code for its product. This cost the company an additional 20% in tariffs overseas.

That needs no comment. Have a nice day and catch you tomorrow.

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