Hiring and Interview Process -12 Thoughts to Hire Well

Hiring and Interview Process -12 Thoughts to Hire Well

China is a huge market, so let’s take a strong look at the Hiring and Interview Process.

Hiring and Interview Process – Keep in Mind

1. Resumes lie

2. Chinese study negotiating and interviewing, so relying on interviewing is perilous.

3. The number of people with talent in this space is growing, but the number needed is greater.

4. Make Trustworthiness a key component in hiring. Find out how to measure it. Specify three other must haves like Engineering degree after that and no more. Also clarify three things you want them to achieve. Those three will get you the rest you need.

5.Ask everything in your heart when you interview. Privacy is not an issue in China.

Hiring and interviewing process

China is Growing – Let’s Hire Well

6. Ask experiential questions and not for conjecture

7. Highly doubt anyone who applies at your web site.  We find these people are rarely honest or qualified.

8. State owned work experience can be rich and carry valuable connections. Find if their thinking is healthy as many are not. ‘

9. Do background checks that are objective and can weed out at least half of the candidates.(I know of no one who has background check with teeth besides us.)

10. Outsource to companies that specialize in this market and search deep to be sure. (not only do candidate researched well not steal, but they do better and have truer loyalty)  See 11 Things You Need in Excellent Executive Search China

11. Determine if you need to sign a non- compete with the candidate and what kind of confidentiality agreement and training agreement you should require. (This is critical and often not done.)

12. Determine how to incentivize this candidate. (very valuable- hard to achieve flexibility here though. Also you do get exactly what you pay for.) Here are 11 more ideas if you want yet more.

You need people on your team. Smart people who are not on your team or in compliance are divisive or ruinous. See Recruitment Agency China Needs great Thinking 

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