Research & Design People in China – How To Hire and Retain

Having Research and Design People in China is Smart

The energy and diligence in China are great for R&D

Research and Design people in China are a hot issue and should be. China has talented engineers, and the Chinese market is the future. Everyone with any interest in having design engineers internationally should have at least one preferably with oversight in China.

Most companies need Specific Design ability, English, and Trustworthiness. However, the competition for the best of these  people is hot. So let us consider.

Key Points to Hire and Retain Research and Design People in China

1. Think clearly on what you really need.  Piling on requirements like high starting oral English ability reduces the pool. This often leads to less chance to consider the character/trustworthiness of someone who might steal your IP.

2. Get a read on the possible costs of such a person.

2.  Think through what match of experience and teachability you want. Again, it is practical to teach skills but not to change character.

3. Use a recruiter who can develop a pool by a multitude of avenues.

4. Look again at requirements considering the pool. You may be able to reach higher, need to back off, or adjust your budget.

5. Consider how much effort to recruit and how much to interview for hard to get positions. You have to be able to jump on opportunities with top candidates.  Develop a plan to draw in candidates.

5. Deeply interview good candidates. Push out feedback in a timely manner to stakeholders.

6. Deeply background check good candidates and move the feedback.

7. Develop an offer. First do verbal offer then written

8. Develop a training plan and whether the person should be trained at your headquarters.

9. Develop an overall IP protection plan touching on: confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, training agreements, culture to retain, incoming training method, oversight plan, and most importantly the character strengths and weakness of any candidate.

10. Sign candidate and continue to execute on plan.

Finally, it takes a wholistic effort to get and keep the best and lowest cost solution for Research and Design People in China.  However,  the rewards are high for those who do it well. Outsourcing some or all of the process is often wise. Each company should also beware of outsourcing this process to companies that are not willing to strategically align with them like our Trustworthy Talent recruiting company.


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  1. Coco December 5, 2013

    Hi, Jim! I quite agree with you. China really need research and design people. Because of Chinese economy is not developed. However, many domestic companies is not what we expected. A lot of research and design people will work in a company by a business relationship or the back door. Also, some companies system is not perfect. They will provide a very low salary for employees and require them to do many things. Work a long time, sometimes for up to 12 hours, so, most Chinese research and design people will choose a few foreign companies, such as: the United States, Britain, Japan company.
    So, I think that in addition to blog said 11 points, I also hope the company can formulate strict recruitment system. When a company in the recruitment notice:
    1, the candidate’s experience. How long did not see him “work”, but how he “in the background of company, specific did what, how to do”.
    2, ability. We can easily lists hundreds of abilities, but the key is leaders’ attention to the candidate’s ability or imagination is directly related to whether requirements with its performance results.
    3, interest and vocational values. Interest has an important impact on employee’s work attitude, interest is the important embodiment of candidate career orientation.

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