Human Resource Constraints- A New Outlook is Needed

human-resource-constraintsRecently, we talked about Rising Cost according to a Amcham Shanghai survey. Today let’s talk about the second key business challenge of Human Resource Constraints. A perennial problem in China is human resources, and so my company gets most of its work there.

I have written a lot about finding and keeping good people and you can find that here. The price of hiring the wrong guy can be so much higher and so much harder to realize than it ever was in your home country.  Having no one is a lower cost, but still too high.

I have seen top flight globally recognized China localized head hunters place people for Western companies that cost millions of U.S. dollars to resolve. I mostly blame the Westerners. They trusted the wrong folks. They used their home country thinking to face China and the world famous head hunters served them faithfully.

Finding good people is hard. We should open our eyes and think more carefully. A perfect resume is likely not what we want.  The competition for perfect resumes is high. You need to be careful. You need to consider values and whether your hire has the same values that you do. That will take you farther than a perfect resume that usually is not true anyway.  Most of your interviewing methods from the West are too weak here. You finally hire someone who has a very hard to find resume, and they are smart enough to steal your company or just bleed it.

Finding the right people who will make you successful is not easy. It takes lots of time and effort, but it is worth it. China has the people who can make you successful, but they often are not the people you expect. Use values matching for hiring in China. It will help.


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