Icarus (Pride) in China Replayed

Pride in China like Icarus

Hubris burned his wings and perhaps yours too.

Hubris(Pride) is a word emphasized in the book How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins who also wrote Good to Great.

The start of the fall for good companies is Hubris in How the Mighty Fall.  Hubris/Pride in China leads to the same thing for Western Companies.

I write all this as all this came to mind when I saw the Icarus Story which also notes Hubris. Icarus died as his hubris led to not listening to his Father so flew too close to the Sun where the wax on his wings melted. Further it notes being too fearful and flying too near the ocean which could cause dampness and clog his wings. Risk lies at both ends.

Icarus is an old story, but super relevant to work here in China.

Icarus/Pride in China

Most Western companies in China waver from too bold to too timid as they face various feelings in this strange world called China.

Some companies give up and go home often because they could not get the right team.  Other companies accept their lot and think China hiring is just this way. Actually, in the West recruiting companies also package and sell candidates while we uncover real data and are transparent. So many do not know there is another world.  Do it yourself via HR is the epitome of Hubris. Let me tell you why.

Hubris is coming to China and recruiting here the same way you do in the West when Chinese companies are petrified and only hire friends and relatives. Seems you know better than them. Also, take a look at China Opportunity and What it Takes.

The friends and relatives method is not practical or even smart for Western companies, so we invented a new model starting in 1997 and started to market it outside in 2009. We think you should get involved here but not in hubris. Enter or correct your path with our proper due diligence on all management be they Chinese or Westerners.


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