If Only America and Europe Had Downturns Like This

Most experts are agreed on a soft landing for China this year.  See article here.

The World Bank, like many economists, still expects China to have a soft landing as seen from the bank’s revised 7.7 percent growth forecast for this year and 8.1 percent for next year.

This is a soft landing meaning small recession for China. In recession they have nearly 8% growth. That is projected to be the bottom, so expanding next year.  Nice. Plenty of room for growing into this market.

One caveat, Chinese industry is actually in recession as they are losing in the selling on price war right now. (They are also having trouble selling to Europe and the US too) So if you are selling to them, they likely have cut their budgets. Surely, we should sell to get our stuff on the inside of their stuff. Western made stuff is in expansion at the expense of local Chinese companies.   It is still not easy, but it is an opening.

And the ‘soft landing has 7.7% growth overall.


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