In China Get Your Values Clear

In China Get Your Values ClearIn China get your values clear, then your way gets easier. Companies often work hard on what technology or what experience they want in an open position. Companies work to carefully develop a Job Description and then use it to guide the recruiting process.

However, they have fuzzy thinking about what values they need or how to find them. You need to clarify this because often your workers will have dramatically different values than you would assume. If you take a hundred Chinese people and chart their life values, you would see that they are all over the board. Some things within the Chinee culture would show up on almost everyones chart, but others would vary a lot.  See also Chinese Values- We Need to Think More.

A Western company also has certain values that it cares about. If you charted the living values of your company, what would they be?   Some companies list their values are Integrity, Quality and Excellence for example. Nonetheless, a scan of your actual practices which reflect your values may show some others.  From these you develop certain assumptions about how meetings will run and how matters will be worked out. I say they are fuzzy as often they are not explicit, but they are the way you expect them to feel and then act. I encourage you to Know Your Core Values.

You are in China Get Your Values Clear

In your home business culture, you have certain values that work for you. Can you actually go and think what they are? They wil help you in China as you work here in a business you have here. You should not be passive and see what happens. You can only get what you want if you are clear and then aim for it. China certainly has people who can match your values. In order to get there in your China operation, you need to consider these when you are hiring leadership for your China operation.    Then you can identify people who have certain functional skills who also have the values that will work with your overall company. See also,  Better Hiring Practices So Valuable.

Take time to think it through and then if you need help, call us. You need a recruiter in China who has experience matching experience and values. It is important to get people who are on the same page with you. Their values should be with you though their style could be very different.


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