Increasing Competition

increasing-competitionI mentioned the top three concerns of U.S. companies in Shanghai recently here. Increasing Competition is Number 3. None of us should be surprised that competition gets tougher year by year as the whole China market matures.  Clearly, coming to China in a small way is a no brainer as there are as too many possibilities in China for increasing the bottom line. However, the urgency of coming or expanding is getting greater for some as market share is being clarified in many industries.

Companies that are already here are finding that the learning curve is steeper year by year.  They need to work to stay on top.  However, they are finding they still can succeed and often are planning for expansion.

So, I sense many people who read this are doing well. Let’s not rest on that, but think how we can improve our game and find force multipliers rather than just squeezing out 1 or 2 percent improvements.

Let’s reach high.  Any thoughts?

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