Increasing Opportunity, Increasing Pace

Just saw this at China-Window.  It is well done and you can get it here.

It describes how companies used to be careful coming to China but now they are accelerating their investments.  China is the biggest growth market in the world. Companies are seeing that the time is now to capture this market.

Here is a quote from that article.

A survey by the Boston Company not long ago indicates that 90% of companies in Europe, the U.S. and Japan have set a “China first” strategy. Their race to invest and relocate of their head offices in China clearly tells us: multinational companies have focused their key strategies on China, a stable and developing China can not be separated from the world, and the world can not be independent of China, which is creating external business opportunities.

30 years ago, Chinese people did not buy things that Westerners buy. No one used diapers for example. People felt this was just cultural difference while time has shown that it was an economic difference.  As soon as Chinese parents had enough disposable income, they started to buy diapers. The difference was merely economic. As Chinese people and businesses mature, they will buy more and more things and need more and more services that we naturally produce in the West.   Our best days are fast approaching.

The world’s largest companies realize China is the very best place to grow their  market.  SME’s are not mentioned in the article.  SME’s may not put their HQ in China like ABB and some other multinationals are, but they still would be wise in using a China First strategy for growth.  They should not ignore or settle for muddling along in China. China needs to be solved.

It can be.

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