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All Roads to China has a post up called Innovation and Incubation in China – The System is the Problem

I paste a quote of his here.

In China, the education system (incl first employers) have a job to educate students, and they do it well (as shown through international testing), while in the West we incubate.

I have a new graduating college student in my business these days.  He says that his classmates are taking jobs where leaders do not expect them to make any comment for 3 years. I want his initiative today. His name is Zhang Shuai and he is from Jiang Nan University here in Wuxi near Shanghai.

It is so true that the few students who emerge with some initiative as graduates often take some desk job for three years. There, the last pieces of their initiative and even passion are beaten down.

We Western leaders all lament the lack of initiative in Chinese workers, but are we and are managers not part of the problem?

We do not develop and inspire them for fear they will make a mess.  Well yes, they will make mistakes, but we actually know that innovation is messy.

Lets make room for some messes and create a culture where messy has some direction.  Further, lets especially help these recent graduates and new hires. They may not have been beaten down so far.


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