IP Protection and Leadership

I wrote a few weeks ago about Western companies losing their IP to theft by Chinese companies.   Find that here.

March 23rd, Dan at China Law Blog also wrote and had a good addition to the conversation.

Finally his co blogger, Steve, added his thoughts. All are worth reading for anyone with IP.

Thinking and knowing what to lock up is useful. Having the right contracts and legal protections is important.

Two points need to be emphasized more as I see it.

1. Just being in America is not a good plan. Sticking your head in the sand like an Ostrich will not make the Chinese juggernaut go away. China must be engaged whether you plan to enter the market or not.

2. If the people who work for you have no gripes with your leadership or treatment of them, then you are pretty safe. If they love you like a brother because of how you care for them, then no money will buy out your technology. If your leaders in China treat their workers well and really care for them, then they will also protect your backside.  Good leadership can save your business in many ways, but one of them is in IP protection.  I know and have been saved more than once by employees who cared for me because I cared for them both in China and the U.S.


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