Is it Just For Money?

I know a company in China that unconsciously destroyed worker passion. The GM made a big presentation that he had gotten from the US HQ. It showed in detail how much they hoped to sell and that they would be a $100M company in 5 years. Ugh. A week after the event I asked some leaders individually what the goal of the company is. Managers fumbled around and finally each mumbled that it was to be a $100M company.

The looks on their faces told it all. It was demoralizing to be working to make the factory sell $100M 5 years from now. It made people feel dirty. No one wanted to think the value of their life and work was a pile of money. How much better to make goals and dream around what a product does to make the world a better place.

This same company had upstanding values from the HQ on the walls in Chinese and English.
Unfortunately, every day it really was just about money. So what culture did they have? They had money grabbers and people who felt dirty working there and just worked to get as much pay as possible. The people did not want to be this way, but the system and culture were pushing them that way.

What are you seeing? What does your work place look like?

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