Is the End of Cheap China the End of China for the West? Part II

I want to note the recent survey results from Amcham China.   Get a look at the full results here

Despite added pressures, China is increasingly viewed as a major growing market: 82 percent of respondents surveyed plan to increase investment in their China operations in 2012, with 66 percent saying their goal is to produce goods and services for China, an 8 percent increase from two years ago.

Yesterday, Boston Consulting here said 1/3rd of big companies plan to pull back. Amcham says 82% plan to invest more. Statistics lie as we all know, but I think we can understand that some companies or divisions of companies have not done well here. Others have done very well and 82% of the Amcham companies are expanding.

I do not see any companies around me that are doing the right thing and failing in China.  I do personally know companies that are struggling.  All of them are struggling because they do not have the right thinking to succeed here as they would if properly led and supported.

Do go comment at China Business Leadership Group at LinkedIn. I am not promising a post for labor day May 1. Hope you are having a great holiday if in China.

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