3x3x4 Formula to Great Job Descriptions for China

Job descriptions for ChinaGreat Job Descriptions for China and overall plans for hiring are not unlike those for anywhere in the world.

First let me talk about what usually happens.  Customers give us JD’s with 15 responsibilities and 6 requirements. Considerable thought goes into each point, and it is not easy for many companies especially in a new position.

Great Job Descriptions for China

Have you ever interviewed for checking 15 experiences?  Do people need to list all 6  requirements on their resume and is that really possible?

What you really need is someone who can solve certain problems for you and bring you certain outcomes. You need someone with a certain style or values for getting there.  That is not 21 things. Yes, for expectations a person would need to know that they have to cover a certain number of bases while chasing key outcomes. So you may want to list all 15. Listing 6 requirements is usually over the the top.

Hiring Plan Example for China

3 Outcomes-3 Requirements-3 Values is the path.

Say you need a country manager to develop your market for China.

Requirements- Engineering college degree?  In China many people have degrees in topics they have no interest in and ability in. Do you need a salesman or an Engineer?  Often they took a major because their elders told them to.  18 year old Chinese people are on average much less mature than 18 year old Western people. People of any age tend to have the same gaps on maturity.


Engineering ability and Sales ability, English. Strategic thinking

Passion to chase the things you want chased within the values you want them chased.

Which is to say. Sell $1 Million in the first year in the space and build a pipeline to double each year. Develop a team.  Should be able to do start up work in industry X. Do this with honesty, detail, and respect for customers and other stakeholders.   Speak English and be able to think and work at a strategic level.

Outcomes: Sell $1M, build pipeline for doubling, A Sales Team

Requirements: 3 Years sales manager experience, English, High trustworthiness

Values: Integrity, detail, respect for Customers, Respect for coworkers and boss internally

Give us that and we can make up your JD for your to approve.  Clarity on 3*3*4  is the key.  4 is not absolute but common if you think about it. We do not mean the 4 you have on the wall, We mean the 4 you actually use or want in actuality. Do not give up your values in China. No need.


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