Living in China – 11 Good Thinking and Bad Thinking Thoughts

living in China

Live in China – Watch it Change

I am deep in the culture and love living in China. I have been here since 1991.

In a blink of time, I have seen a lot of people who come and go over these years

I want to say some things

Today, I want to note the wrong way as a way to get to the right way. Right ideas are in Italics.

Living in China Bad ThoughtsGood Thoughts

  1. See China as a backward country that is not as good as your home country.  If you come by looking down on the Chinese culture, then you will spend all your days complaining.  You will make fun of wrong English signs instead of seeing how poor your Chinese is if you made a sign.
  2. See the government as the enemy. See the bureaucrats as the bad servants of the evil empire.  The bureaucrats are people with families just like yours. They are not rewarded for good work, but only criticized for anything that goes wrong. Understanding will take you along way. China lived for 1000 years with little development, and this government took them from rags to riches and from chains to freedom they never had in 4000 years. If only our home countries could do so much in a generation.
  3. Always stay on facebook, youtube and all things Western. Stay in the Western Restaurants eating Western food all the time.  Come to invest and find the treasure here, and you may find as much as McQueen in Cars
  4. Watch the Air Quality Index every day. Our parents or we ourselves grew up in America in the 1950’s when the air was equally as bad as China now. All of Lake Erie died for example.  Further , if you are only here for air. If China has no upside and is only suffering then why are you here?
  5. Believe that it was bad that the Nationalists lost the war in 1949 and bad that the students in 1989 did not overthrow the government.  The Nationalists were horribly corrupt. They were using the US and never a friend of the West in their heart.  The 1989 students were way too immature, and if they had won, China would be a disaster today.
  6.  Believe that democracy would make China better. Chinese people tell the story of village elections. The fat rich village head is fat and has a big house, fancy car and his kids are going abroad for school. He is running against a young thin village guy who promises he will work hard and serve the people.    The results show everyone voted for the rich guy.  Investigation brings out this testimony. “We cannot afford to buy the young guy a big house fancy car and send his kids abroad, so we are staying with this guy. 
  7. Avoid the common people. Fear the workers dressed in peasant clothes.  Keep your children always under a watchful eye knowing danger is everywhere. These peasant guys are some of the best people in the world. Get a translator and talk to one you fear. They are different but not often bad.  In the West we need to have some caution, and China is the same and clearly no worse for us Westerners who are protected by the Chinese government. 
  8. Believe that your home country was never like China is today. All developed countries went through a tine like China has right now. Was the US an evil empire in 1890 when we were like China is now?
  9. See different as bad. Many things are done different in China. They have 4500 years of written history different from ours. Different is not always bad. Wechat is better than Skype for example.
  10. Hang around people who make fun of China and Chinese people. These people have an attitude problem like in point 1, and we should not agree to be poisoned by them. 
  11. Avoid talking deep with Chinese people. Dive in, Ask questions and all that is in your heart.

Enjoy your time.


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