Made in America (or simply abroad) for China

I have mentioned before that the time is now to sell your products and services from America.  ABC News posted a video on the Made in America craze in China right now.Catch the video link here

Americans are wary of Chinese product quality.  Chinese consumers are more wary of these problems and known them more deeply.   There are factories in China now that are seeking to do some assembly outside China so they can bring it in from outside to raise the value in the eyes of the Chinese customer.  Almost all Western countries are seen as being more trustworthy than anyone building in China.

Even Western companies in China are getting hurt as they have not managed well in China.   The result is Chinese quality and service and even kickbacks via Western firms. Western firms have been tarnished by not investing  to create the proper culture in China.

So if you are outside China, then the time to come is now.  If you are in China, you need to clean up those things that you have never clarified before.  Do see the video if you have not.

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