Marketing in China

Did you know you can sell your products that are made in America online in China?  It is true, and it is a big market.

However, having your product and Chinese description at a web site may be the last you ever wanted to do.

I saw one the other day that had 1 sale over the last 12 months. They had no problem with their product, but had no way to control the web site where they were listed.

I knew some people who wanted to start a second hand store.  I said “Great Idea, what are the barriers to entry to people who want to copy the model? ”

A friend of mine told me a while back that  we need the 4 C’s, and I so agree.

Customer Wants and Needs

Cost to Satisfy

Convenience to Buy


If we plan and research a little just using this simple model, our efforts can  be more successful.   China is no different than the West in that we need to have a legally smart model and use our heads to understand the market for starters.  Chinese companies must do the same when they come to the West or they will waste time and money.  We must do it when going to them.  It is not rocket science.   We would be glad to help you think a little better on getting in.

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