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Clara Muriel Ruano of Foreign Entrepreneurs in China has a post up on on line marketing that is worth a read for those considering selling on line here in China.  You can find it here.  She got her thought from Joel Backaler of the China Observer .  Both these are good blogs I like that you also might want to check out.

The growth of on line marketing is immense here in China.  Five years ago it was small. Now it is very big. They mentioned Taobao and yes they are huge.  My family orders from them about every week.   I used to worry about going across town to buy baking powder, but Taobao serves me even if I do not know the Chinese name. Take a look here

Further, I felt for some time that China had no good second hand market.  This is no longer a big gap.    I put here an on line 2d hand market like China’s version of  Craig’s List. It is called Ganji. It is quite popular.  Taobao also has second hand goods.

I say this to emphasize that whatever you are doing for on line marketing in your home country has an equivalent path in China. It takes some know how but all can be done whether you are registered in China or not.

Anything to add?

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