Perfect China Interviewing Equals Perfect China Hire?

Can you tell if he is gaming the interview? How about doing it in China?

Can you tell if he is gaming the interview? How about doing it in China?

Perfect China interviewing will not be enough because Chinese people study articles like this more than Westerners.

I saw this article called “What Not to Say in a Job Interview”  and smiled. Ah well.

Westerners game the interview, but no one can touch the Chinese for being able to perform in an interview. I am not saying all can be great at interviews.  However,  their effort in this direction is higher than ours, and so the result is we have trouble in the interview.

My 2009 Revelation on the Limits of Great China Interviewing

I always considered myself an expert at getting the information in China interviewing. However, a series of interviews in 2009 changed my impression. I interviewed 6 Sales GM’s and found 3 of then to be excellent. I tried several methods in interviewing to get to know their reliability and could not find any evidence these guys had any habits of deceit.

The background check showed that all 3 were excellent interviewers and unreliable workers.

So yes, interviewing skills are useful to us as recruiters, and we all can get information others cannot. Actually, we get more now than in 2009. However, we are humble enough to know that expert back ground checking is essential to protect our customers.

The background process takes up 40% of our effort, so it is not just a tack on.

The cost of a bad hire is so high in how it impacts a team. People who are this good at getting interviewed also make a lot of effort to know how to get on your good side once they are hired. They are then favored though they are a net loss for the company.  They are expert politicians. The result is that great hires start to leave the team quietly.

So, while you may climb the ladder in recruiting yourself, your candidates are climbing the ladder as well. We will stay ahead as that is our full time job. A great China hire is worth many multiples of their China annual salary. Do not just rely on China interviewing to get you there even if you do that full time. We have found better ways and grow each day, week and month. We know how deep the water is.



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