Recent College Graduate Resumes

Recent College Graduate Resumes

OK, that is a big topic.  I provide little analysis today, but give some data points for thought.

Chinese recent college graduates write in Chinese that they are good team players, sanguine and optimistic, and can diligently eat bitterness. Not all do but it is an epidemic of these entries in Chinese language resumes.

Do you believe this is who they are?   You can imagine that they think this is what employers want.  In fact they are copying and pasting and rarely writing from their heart. Why do they copy these kinds of things?

From a personality standpoint, sanguine people are among the world’s least diligent (and can be very valuable), so the person they are describing likely does not exist. This person would certainly not be over 50% of applicants if exists at all.   We only learn from the resume that they are following the crowd.  7 years ago, I recall hiring a mittful of recent graduates and having them fill in a form and when asked they ALL wrote that their number one hobby/interest was reading.  Roughly 50 candidates of all types of personalities and all said their number one favorite hobby was reading.  Can you imagine? Could you get that in America?

The whole culture here want all students to say they love reading. Oh my.  Why do the children write what their parents want them to?

Why would employers be pushing recent college graduates to be sanguine, optimistic, diligent and good team players?

In English, they are copying from us Westerners samples, and none of us said sanguine and diligent.  So they did not copy that in English.

I am encouraged that they at least know that they should work well with others and that the Westerners might have other thoughts.  That might mean they follow an opinion leader and not the formal chain of command though.  Lead them well and hope their parents like your business.


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