Recruiting and Time

recruiting-and-timeMany times we treat candidates like dirt. We leave them hanging. We bet they will not take another work. We task HR to keep candidates warm.

We all know there is a talent shortage. We all know even good common workers are short at the low wages we want to offer.

However, due to the bureaucracy or indecision we face internally, we choose to hope. In the present talent shortage the best candidates find work. The second string candidates feel used if you leave them hanging a month.

Moving with alacrity helps workers keep the passion for our company. Dragging out the process hurts us. We need to push to make our system candidate sensitive. We tell people we will call/decide next week, and three weeks later we have done nothing. How do the candidates feel about our ability to manage in these situations? It is not an HR problem. It is a hiring manager and systemic problem. Let’s not blame HR when they get away. When we have changed, we will have more motivated and better workers.

Agree? Thoughts?

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