Red Envelopes in China-a Sign We Need to Think More

red envelopesRed Envelopes for bribery continue to be a part of the Chinese culture. In one aspect they signify a gap between the West and China.  China Law blog noted here how Chinese parents of sick children give money in red envelopes to surgeons to get them to do their best for their kid.  They think we Westerners do not love our children because we do not do this.  We think they are a corrupt culture because they do this. Is it just for money is a read you may want to look at.

The American system of government works because we have enough judges and law enforcement people who will not take a bribe.  China struggles as it has too few people that cannot be bought.  Friendship and personal benefit can be more important than your company, the truth or the law.

Red Envelopes Represent a Gap

Those of us who live and work in China are often reminded that we are not in Kansas anymore. Yes does not mean Yes and No does not mean No.  At the least, our thinking should be we need to look deeper to get the real story.

So since nothing I have said so far is news to people involved in China, then what am I trying to say?

Despite all the evidence, companies still think that resumes are the real story in hiring in China.  They still believe no one would tell elaborate falsehoods in interviews. Even people who admit problems like this still make hiring decisions based on these flawed Western tools.    Sometimes they get lucky and so push on.  Sometimes international recruiters will actually call the references provided by the candidate. All admit this is not very useful. It is just for show.

Of China focused recruitment companies , only SHI Group China gets deeper.  That is surely why we gain the confidence of a wide range of Western Companies. Oh, our sense of ownership,  responsiveness, English language ability, and professionalism are also attractive.  However,  our top issue is finding real talent that can tell real stories. It is not an easy job.  Sorry, we do not give or take any red envelopes.


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