Rowing Together- In China this Force Multiplier is Not Used Enough

rowing together is a force multiplierRowing Together makes  a business hum, but it happens so rarely.  How do we get there?   I keep an eye on a lot of blogs. Today, American Business Magazine made me smile–and grimace. I paste some here and you can see the whole excellent article here.

One time, during an off-site with a company’s executive team, I handed out index cards and asked the team to silently write down the company strategy. In a room of eight people, I got seven different answers—from the executive team! One expressed the strategy in terms of revenue goals, another in terms of target markets, another in terms of the kinds of products and services, another in terms of market recognition, another in terms of profitability, and so on. No wonder there was so much chaos and confusion in the day-today work—they essentially had seven different companies!

I see a lot of Western Companies in China in the same boat. I recall doing similar research at a company, and the 5 different top managers had dramatically different visions.  The owner still could not figure out why his consulting company was such a mess!

In a manufacturing company not too long ago, the values and vision were stylistically on the walls in Chinese and English, and none of the managers could tell me what they were. 

There are a lot of ways to get there(success). The real problem is getting the people do what it takes to make the plan work. That is where you win or lose. It’s always about the people.

Rowing Together is Doable in China

I would fault the top leader above all.  Getting the right top leader in China could not be more important. Everything stands or falls on that placement, and companies trust it to international recruiters who still work like China is Kansas. Some companies even do it themselves.

The right leader in China sets a course and can get everyone on it. They take failure and turn it into success.

Now, I talk a lot about character in recruiting, but leadership ability comes in a close second. My recruiters are not only good at recruiting, but they have studied leadership and even led. Their deep understanding of leadership is critical to our knowing which leader to propose to you. Only then can we bring extra value to you in knowing a leader when we find one. Naturally, at SHI Group,  they also can find out if they are trustworthy.

I love watching the right leader at work in China whether they be Chinese or an Expat. They know how to push the buttons and how to get everyone moving together. They are force multipliers, and every company needs them in all leadership positions. Are you ready to go there?


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