Sell to China – via Tmall, JD Global and more

sell to ChinaThe day has come to sell to China, and there are some ways, but much thought is needed.

Tmall International and JD Worldwide are both Chinese entities out to help you get into China without having a physical presence in China.

Sell to China – Possible, But It Takes Some Work

The problem is that you are the supplier, and JD and TMall are not working too hard to help Western SME’s. They really just want big names, but they will not turn you away.  You have to prove you own your brand.

In America, customers can use to buy, and the relationship is clean. They never talk or even chat with an Amazon person.  The Chinese online market is huge, and it is very hands on. Chinese people who want to buy will contact the seller on TMall and chat in Chinese. They get explanations from the customer service person chatting with them. This person does not belong to TMall.  Customers chat and  ask for other pictures of the product as well as specifications and delivery info. It is personal and not Amazon at all.

Getting your product on TMall takes Chinese support. Actually selling on TMall almost always needs a  customer sales person answering customer chat requests in Chinese.

If you have a simple consumer item that is easy to understand and sell on TMall, then consider how you will succeed and what help and trustworthy talent you need.

If you have a more complicated and high value-added product, then you need a salesman or technical salesman to work as an agent or to manage distributors.

Sure it costs money to have your own guy. The value add is high for all companies I have done this with. Trustworthy Talent takes the risk out of the hire and even the oversight.  

Below I list many websites related to TMall and JD.  These companies have good platforms and tons is sold every day. The question is how to get part of this action.  nice picture of possibility  well done article-has some how

says is all for foreigners, and the site is all Chinese is good english and only to buy things from China.   more jd stuff just to sell.   some english

Wish you best success as you Sell to China

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